Maths Show


A "Mathmatics Show" was held in Model Public Education College on 22/09/2011 by Dr. B.S. Gupta (Ex-Dean, Education Faculty, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar University, Agara). This programme was attend by various lecturer and students of different college and schools. Dr. B.S. Gupta explained many tricks to solve mathematical problems in a quick way.

The student curiously asked many questions which were replied by Dr.B.S. Gupta in easy way. Dr. B.S. Gupta said that math is not horrible subject but it is the science of digit. Math is the science of reasoning and it is the base of every knowledge.

      Dr. A.K. Pandy (Chief Guest) said that these programme improve the skills and knowledge of students. The programme was inaugurated by the president of institute, Dr. O.P. Kanchan and Dr. Ashok Yadav. Dr.Rajkumar Goyal, Dr. Amita Singh, Mr. Sumit Kumar, Dr. Pawan Thakur,  contributed for making the programme a success.

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